Sydney Whale Watching – What is the Best Option for Budget-Conscious Travellers?

Sydney is an excellent location to see whales, it is perfectly positioned to catch the migration of the Humpback whales as they make their country north and return south after they have given birth. The best time to see whales is between June and July although the season does last up until November. During these few months, the waters off Sydney are awash with Humpback whales passing along the coastline.

North to South

During the migratory period, Humpback whales travel from the colder waters in the south to the warmer waters in the north of Australia. If you plan on going on a Sydney whale watching tour, it is best to learn about the whale’s pattern. When they are heading north, the whales are closer to the coast and easier to spot from land. In contrast, when they return on their journey south, they travel with their offspring and tend to stay further away from the coast. This makes it harder to see them from land.

On Land

There are many great whale watching locations along the coast that offer budget-friendly options for travellers to Sydney. All you have to do is take public transport, rent a bike, or book a taxi and make your way to the best spots. You do not have to pay anything once you are there, so the cheapest way to see whales is on land. The only problem is the distance and time you have to see them.

Boat Trip

The most popular option for people who want to see Whales up close is a whale watching trip organised by an experienced team. Although a whale watching trip by boat is going to cost you more than on land, it is an entirely different experience.

Even budget-conscious travellers can pick up some bargain deals and discounts on whale watching trips by boat. It is best to look for these trips at the beginning and end of the whale watching season. The tickets are cheaper as your chances of spotting a whale are a little lower during these times.

There are ways to see whales while in Sydney on a budget. Just because you think whale watching trips by boat are too expensive, do not forget to check the prices at the beginning and end of the season. You will be surprised at how affordable some operators can be. Although whale watching by land is good, nothing beats by boat.

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