Need A Robust And Appealing Travel Blog? Check These Basic Tips!

If you are someone who travels extensively and likes to share stories, you should consider having a blog. Designing travel blogs can be tricky but definitely not complicated, as long as the basic aspects are adhered to. Most travel bloggers and influencers have appealing blogs, and they make considerable money, both through ad revenue and paid partnerships. In case you are wondering how to design a website, here are some aspects for perfecting your ideas.

  • Select the right domain name. Enthusiastic bloggers often ignore the domain name. The domain of your website is critical for branding and online marketing, and since we are talking of personal blogs, the name has to be personal and niche specific.
  • Consider using WordPress. If you have no clue of how to manage a website or handle the complexities of the backend, you should definitely consider using WordPress. This is the most commonly-used CMS that comes with solid support and is super easy to use.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the design. The best travel websites are those that have more of good content and less of drama. Yes, you can use animations, nice fonts and unique design themes, but make sure that these things don’t take away the spotlight from content.
  • Use your own photos. A travel blogger who uses stock photos is no blogger at all! That may sound harsh, but if you want people to follow you, it is necessary to share your own stories, and images have a big role in that. Make sure that you are clicking with a good camera.
  • Do add text content. There is no denying that videos and images are important to add visual appeal to travel blogs, but you also need text content. This is not only about sharing your stories, but also to aid online marketing and SEO.

  • Customize what you can. If you are using a ready theme, make sure that it stands out. Travel bloggers always ensure that their readers get a sneak peek of their life, and therefore, adding a few custom and personal touches to your blog is a good idea.
  • Make the site navigable. Navigation and user interface are two critical aspects for designing any website. For example, if you have different categories for destinations, make sure that the user can click the right link on the home page.

Focusing on smaller aspects is necessary, and you need to ensure that your blog is updated and optimized for SEO and social media.

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