Important Things to Know when Visiting a Spa for the First Time

If it is your first time visiting a spa, you might not know what to expect. This guide will explain what usually takes place before, during, and after a spa treatment and the other things to expect from your special day.

What to Do when you Arrive at the Spa

If you are visiting a spa for the first time, you may be asked to complete a health questionnaire when you arrive at the reception desk. You might be asked to remove your shoes and socks and wear slippers. The staff at the spa may also offer you some refreshments. After completing the forms, the staff will direct you to a changing area to put on a robe. Then, you will get a tour of the premises and facilities. If your spa treatments are booked for later on in the day, you can spend time at the swimming pool, dining area, gym, or steam room. To avoid missing or delaying your treatments, ask the staff when and where you must be.

What to Expect During the Treatments

Before the treatment, the therapist will ask you some questions about your skin’s conditions to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. They will talk you through each stage of the treatment and explain what it is for and how it can benefit you. You can ask the therapist about the garments you need to remove for any treatment. You may have to strip down to your underwear or use draping for a full body treatment.

What to Expect After the Treatment

After the treatments are complete, you can use the health and fitness facilities at the spa included in your weekend spa package at StromSpa. Consider having a dip in the pool, detoxifying in the sauna, or unwinding in the relaxation room. Although you can leave the spa whenever you want, a lot of spas ask their patrons to sign out at reception before do so for fire safety reasons and to make sure you have settled all applicable charges.

Depending on your chosen package and the kind of spa, you may get a free glass of bubbly and a light lunch, or dinner as part of your package. If these inclusions are out of the picture, you can spend extra money on a meal or a classic afternoon tea at the spa’s restaurant or bar facilities. Before leaving the spa, the staff may ask you if you are interested in purchasing full-sized versions of the products used as part of your treatments or sign up for a membership at the spa.

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