Five Free Things to Do in Galveston

Are you looking for a nice place where you can enjoy the amazing sea breeze? If so, look no further than Galveston Island. The cruise port is famous for its storied history. There is fun for all ages in Galveston in places such as parks to entertainment, restaurants, and arts. The availability of year-round attractions ensures visitors will have endless fun as well as fee and cheap things to do on the island. Below are the free things to do in galveston you should consider:

Going to Beaches

Galveston has America’s longest continuous sidewalk on its beachfront Seawall Boulevard where you can take part in a variety of activities. You can enjoy swimming or playing volleyball at the beach or hit the payment for running or biking. Nothing can be as priceless as being able to watch the sunrise or sunset on the Seawall.

Visiting Parks

Galveston Island is home to many parks and outdoor activities including the famous Galveston Island State Park. Adults just pay $5 but kids 12 years old and under can enter the park for free. You can visit the park any day you want and enjoy swimming, fishing, kayaking, and camping. Also, Lee and Joe Jamail Bay Park provides free parking, grills, a free boat lunch, and covered picnic tables.

Taking Part in a Galveston Tree Sculpture Tour

Following the 2008 strike of Hurricane Ike, optimistic residents of the island worked with sculptors and transformed damaged oak trees into tree sculptures, which are the focus of the Galveston Tree Sculpture Tour. There are more than thirty sculptures tucked into gardens and nestled inside yards throughout the East End Historic District.

Enjoying a Ferry Ride and Dolphin Watch

Bolivar Ferry is famous across the Lone Star State. It is a free and roughly twenty-minute ride each way between Port Bolivar and Galveston. It is an entertaining diversion from the beaches and historic districts that draw a huge number of tourists. During the ride, you can watch dolphins as they swim by.

Taking a Stroll of the Strand

The island’s downtown area provides an interesting selection of restaurants, shops, museums, and galleries near self-guided tours. Strand Street’s Victorian architecture called The Strand makes for a great stroll. You can find the free family park home known as Saegnerfest Park at 23rd and Strand. You can also check out the art galleries and shops on Postoffice Street.

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