Five Awesome Reasons to Visit Ouray Colorado

Ouray in Colorado promises unmatchable charm and outdoor fun for everyone. More than half of the original Victorian structures in the town are still used as galleries, s hopes, homes, and restaurants. You will know what we mean when you take a self-guided walking tour around the Ouray. Start your tour from the Ouray County Museum if you wish to learn about the mining history of southwestern Colorado. Those who have been in town call it a tasteful getaway. There are many reasons to visit Ouray including the following:

Rich History

If you are interested in delving into the past of Colorado, Ouray serves as a real-life history book. Its different historic mining towns provide an awesome glimpse into the once thriving gold rush of the state while you will know who its people used to live through the historical structures. Even if you don’t like history, the historical sights are definitely worth some snaps.

Plenty of Lodging Choices

Your days in Ouray can be tiring because of the limitless activities you can take part in. That is why you want a comfortable place to stay in to help you relax and be ready for the next day of fun. In Ouray, your lodging choices include chain motels, historic hotels, and bed and breakfast. A number of places have their own hot springs. If you prefer an Ouray, CO hotel room rental, you can be sure you to find a suitable one regardless of your budget.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you wish to warm up from the chilly temperatures of Colorado, you can head to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool to enjoy a relaxing ambiance. Indeed, you can find many pools you can take a soak in. In case you choose to enjoy the cold, the Ouray Ice Park is a great place to spend a great time in no matter your skill level.

Fewer Crowds

One of the things you wish you could avoid when you visit a destination is having to deal with massive crowds. People can block your views and you will have to wait in long queues. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with this in Ouray because the town is a best-kept secret.

Lots of Things to Do

Outdoor adventures in Ouray are sprinkled through the mountain peaks which look over the town.  A lot of hikers trek to Lower Cascade Falls Trail or Box Cañon Falls Trail directly from Ouray. A few minutes drive can lead you to trails which wind high into the San Juans. These trails are frequented by four-wheel-drive vehicles and mountain bikes.

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