Common Family Travel Mistakes

Travelling alone or as a couple, are worlds apart, while travelling with your brood. The advice that goes ,”don’t take your kids”, is not the preferred way for most of the parents. You can surely have a blast, out of your family vacation and create lasting memories for you and your little ones.

You can safely plan your next escapade en famille. All you need is to make certain rules and follow it. This will save you a lot of stress and avoid nasty scenes during your vacation.

Separate sleeping areas

You need not sleep at the same time, as your kids. Book a suite or a rental home, where both of you can get some space to watch movies or talk or just have an intimate moment, without disturbing or being disturbed by kids. After all, this is your vacation too.

Centrally located accommodation

Always book your accommodation that is centrally located to hospitals, supermarkets and tourist spots. It will ease you out of a lot of stress, if your kids get sick or just plain tired, during the day.

Don’t crowd your days

Travelling with kids can be taxing. Give yourself and kids time, to get accustomed to the new scene. It can give respite to your jet lag, tired muscles and frayed nerves. The bottom line is to have a memorable vacation, not a suffocating one.

Pre-book group seating for flights

There is a chance that, if you don’t choose your seats beforehand, you might be dispersed in different directions, while travelling. The flight staff will be helpful in securing a group seating arrangement. However, this would be annoying to other passengers or worse, you might not get a group seating at all.

Get your insurance

You never know, what might land you in a hospital in a foreign place, especially when you have kids. A mysterious tummy problem or vacation-loving UTIs or a fractured ankle, can derail you mentally and financially. So, prepare your backup wisely.

Flight booking rules

Always have comfortable time-gaps between two flights. If possible, always go for a straight flight. Never get yourself trapped with the marketing strategy of cheap flights. Also, timing of flights should not be too late or too early. This leaves both the kids and adults cranky.


Taking a few precautions before you finalise the preparations for your holiday will help you sail smoothly through it. This extra effort that you put, will be worthwhile, once your kids have grown and left the nest. There will be fond memories to go back to.

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