A Perfect Itinerary To Have A Perfect Vacation In Ouray Colorado

Ouray County, widely known as mini Switzerland, is located between high mountains. It is basically a small town with just 900 residents, but yet it offers a variety of activities to keep the tourists busy throughout their stay.

Before we begin with a complete itinerary of Ouray, there is one amazing feature of Ouray every tourist must know about. There are plenty of live Ouray webcams placed throughout the town. So, if you are already there, you can always checkout how are the weather conditions, what is the state of traffic, how many tourists are at the hot springs, etc. simply by sitting in the comfort of your hotel room.

A brief itinerary of Ouray County

Staying: There are several good options of lodging in Ouray. Hotels like Chalet Inn always have good discounts to offer, especially if you are visiting during late springs or early summers. You can always pre-book the rooms online if you are visiting during the peak vacation period. However, if you are planning to go during off seasons, you will easily get on the spot reservations.

Fun activities: Ice climbing is one of the most common activities in Ouray. Next, you can go for rappelling in waterfalls, or go for trekking on some amazing natural trails. As far as shopping is concerned, there are many stores to browse in Ouray. Also, there is a boutique kitchen shop, where you can find some great collection of aprons and food products. If you are done with the outings, you can check out the small town theaters where you can see some nice local shows. The well-known Wright Opera House is famous for featuring movies, music and plays.

Museums: If you like history, the Ouray County Museum will not fail on impressing you. Developed in an 1886 Miner Hospital, the museum displays artifacts which draw attention on cultural and social history of the Ouray town. Also, there is a Ouray Alchemist Museum which you can visit while your stay. If you are thinking that pharmaceutical history seems boring, just give it a try, and for sure you won’t regret it.

Lastly, there are many good restaurants and coffee places to visit in Ouray. Well, be prepared, restaurants in Ouray are not cheap. However, all the food delicacies that you will get around the town are the worth the price you will pay. So, that is all. Don’t think much, and simply plan your next vacations in Ouray Colorado.

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