5 Things You Should Know When Planning a Trip to Aspen

When you are planning for a trip that is favorable all year round, Aspen is the place to be. The place is known as an ultimate skiing destination in all 4 seasons. Aspen has a knack for doing things differently and radiate this uniqueness in all aspects. When planning a trip to Aspen, these are the things you should know first.

  1. Planning ahead would always be in your favor

No, Aspen isn’t that expensive when you do it the right way. Aspen is known for being costly so is the food. So, when visiting Aspen, consume like a local would and sit at a local bar. Every bar and restaurant in Aspen provides you a slightly condensed menu where the prices of the dishes are half the price of a place in a dining room.

  1. Walk all the way

The best part about traveling to Aspen is that you can explore the entire city by being on foot. The city is filled with heated sidewalks everywhere. Traveling in Aspen is affordable if you don’t overlook its public transportation. The Downtowner is an environmentally friendly way to explore the city.

  1. It is a super pet friendly city

If you have a pet you want to bring along, but you cannot. And if you are missing your pooch and want a company, there are many programs in Aspen where you can rent a pet and spend your day with your new best friend. They also allow the travelers to adopt the pet and take them home. If you are bringing your pet along to Aspen, know that almost every hotel in Aspen is pet friendly.

  1. 11,000 feet above is where you should be partying

Explore the best skiing destination in the world, the one and only Aspen. If you are not a skier or a snowboarder, but wanting to experience it, get yourself equipped and party like the 99s! The party is entirely of another dimension and simply unforgettable. If you are wanting a table there, we recommend you to get them reserved in very advance. There are also many event spaces in Aspen to party.

  1. Explore the world class musical performances

There is a lounge/nightclub in Aspen which is called Boosty Bellows/Belly Up. The place hosts an amazing rotating calendar of top musicians. This very setting will make you feel like becoming instant BFFs with your favorite music artist. You can get a seat, order yourself a cheap beer and dance like no one is watching. You can also stay after hours to grab a drink with one of the band members! How cool would that be!

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